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The Jashgawronsky Brothers have been active since the year 2000 and were born through the collaboration of artists coming from different forms of entertainment (theatre, music, cabaret and visual comedy), with the purpose to create international shows that combine live music and comedy. Thus the characters of the Jashgawronsky brothers were born, a varying number of siblings from an obscure orphanage in Yerevan Armenia.
They immediately imposed themselves on the international scene for their original use of musical instruments mainly built with recycled material. In these twenty-three years they have been able to renew themselves continuously, bringing their productions on tour in three continents (Europe, Americas, Asia), achieving various national and international awards (Italy, Germany, Spain) and participating in numerous television broadcasts in Italy (Sette per Uno, Il Circo di Raitre, Zelig, Comedy Central) and abroad. The Jashgawronsky Brothers have also widely collaborated with artists from various backgrounds during these years (orchestras, directors, jugglers, musicians, actors, performers). They recently added a new show to their repertoire which is totally performed with children toys. The Jashgawronsky Brothers’ productions adapt to many different situations: theatres, open air festivals, street festivals, circus, musical events and shows for families and children. The Jashgawronsky Brothers are an extended family.

2000: Tomato Drum!
2004: Broom Brush Crash!
2010: Radio Armeniac
2012: Trash!
2013: Agnes Browne (with actress Lucia Vasini)
2015: Un, dos, trash!
2017: PopBins
2022: ToyBoys


  • 2024


6/7 – ToyBoys – Teatro della Tosse – Genova

12 – PopBins – Teatro Sociale – Canzo

13 – PopBins – Teatro Sociale – Luino


25 – ToyBoys – Centro Bacchelli – Bologna


24 – ToyBoys – Teatro Comunale – Sasso Marconi (BO)


17 – ToyBoys – Teatro del Pane -Villorba (TV)


19- PopBins – Festival Circo a Pedali – Covo (BG)


29 – ToyBoys – Festival Paroles en Eclats – Annecy (FRANCE)


6 – ToyBoys – Festival Ulicznicy- Gliwice (POLAND)

18 – ToyBoys – Rassegna Estiva – Ponzano Veneto (TV)

21 – ToyBoys – Festival Lucca Teatro: che cosa sono le nuvole? – Lucca


3 – PopBins – Riso fa Buon Sangue – Adria (RO)

9 – ToyBoys – TBA – Brescia

10 – ToyBoys – TBA – Tirano (SO)

21 – ToyBoys – Festival Potes de Marmots – Guillestre (FRANCE)

29 – PopBins – Festival L’Ultima Provincia – San Nicolò di Rottofreno (PC)


21 – ToyBoys – TBA – Oropesa (SPAIN)


14/21 – TBA – Cagliari